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Minefields in U.S. Export Control System

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Minefields in U.S. Export Control System

We should simply sort out the relevant minefields of the export control system in the US trade control.

14 May 2018

Insurance intermediary market is to be further open up to the foreign investors

Based on Yi Gang’s announcement and the CBIRC’s notice, insurance intermediary market is to be further open up to foreign investors.

08 May 2018

Brief analysis of U.S. long arm jurisdiction in export control

A major Chinese technology firm has fallen into troubled waters with the U.S. Department of Commerce due to violations of U.S. economic sanctions against certain foreign nations.

03 May 2018

“Sino-British Dialogue” policy outcomes: future of China’s financial industry

“Sino-British Dialogue” Policy Outcomes: Future of China’s Financial Industry

28 April 2018

Is employer obliged to pay economic compensation if it fails to fully pay social insurance resulting in resignation of employee?

Different regions have different regulations on the legal consequence of failure to fully pay social insurance.

18 April 2018

PBoC: China to further open its insurance market to foreign investors

The Governor of the People's Bank of China (“PBoC”), Yi Gang, introduced specific measures to further open up China’s financial market at the Boao Forum for Asia (“BFA”)....

17 April 2018