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Belt and Road risks and mitigation strategies




Conference Report: Belt and Road risks and mitigation strategies

Experts share insight on ‘Applying Governance to Open up One Belt, One Road Opportunities’.

24 May 2017

Waterfalls in the Gulf: Pre-conditions to arbitration and enforcement in the UAE

Arbitration agreements frequently impose preconditions to arbitration, requiring parties to engage in a combination of mediation, conciliation, good faith negotiations and/or other mechanisms first.

24 May 2017

Case Report: Recent developments in international arbitration in Australia

Australia is shaping up as a proximate, reliable and neutral seat for international arbitration stemming from China’s Belt and Road.

24 May 2017

Case Report: Enforcement milestone for CIETAC HK in China

The Nanjing Court has enforced a CIETAC Hong Kong arbitral award in Mainland China for the first time, bolstering its claim as an institution of choice for Belt...

24 May 2017

Cards on the table? Thoughts on disclosure of third party funding

As more jurisdictions permit third party funding of international arbitration, the question of whether details of the funding must be disclosed arises ever more frequently.

24 May 2017

Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the PRC: What is the reality and what to expect?

The ability to enforce foreign arbitral awards in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) will be a key issue for these companies and their Belt and Road counterparties

24 May 2017