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Climate change litigation in Australia: Legislative and legal pressure build.


Climate change litigation in Australia: Legislative and legal pressure build.

Recent political, legal and legislative developments mean that pressure on Australian companies to address climate risk has never been higher.

09 November 2020

Major tax success for utilities: appeal judgment handed down in Victoria Power Networks

The Full Federal Court handed down its decision in Victoria Power Networks Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Taxation on 21 October 2020, with a unanimous decision to...

28 October 2020

Stamp duty and contingent consideration

The recent decision in Resolute Mining Limited v Commissioner of State Revenue is an important reminder of the need to carefully consider the duty implications of any...

19 October 2020

From me to you - MySuper’s evolution to YourSuper

Though there were no changes to the legislated increase in the rate of superannuation guarantee, the 2020-21 Federal Budget still packed a punch for the superannuation industry.

12 October 2020

Pillars of Strength?

In June 2020, the United States pressed “pause” on its participation in the OECD’s Pillar One and Pillar Two initiatives, which are designed as “phase 2” of the...

07 October 2020

Federal Budget 2020-21: Small Business

The amendment of the small business entity turnover threshold from $10 million to $50 million will see 10 small business tax concessions extended to medium-sized businesses.

06 October 2020

Federal Budget 2020-21: Infrastructure

Infrastructure spending has been a major focus of this Budget, with significant road and rail projects totalling $14 billion over the next 4 years.

06 October 2020

Federal Budget 2020-21: Corporate Tax

The Government has introduced a range of corporate tax measures that are focused on providing tax relief for businesses, with the ultimate aim of creating jobs.

06 October 2020

Federal Budget 2020-21: Environment

The Government has announced a wide range of funding for the environment.

06 October 2020

Federal Budget 2020-21: Manufacturing & Logistics

The Government has committed to a “Modern Manufacturing Strategy” designed to assist Australian manufacturers in identified priority areas.

06 October 2020

Federal Budget 2020-21: Energy

The Budget has some significant outcomes for the energy industry, with the Government looking to improving energy affordability and reliability.

06 October 2020

Federal Budget 2020-21: JobKeeper & JobSeeker

No major changes were highlighted to the JobKeeper or JobSeeker programs, other than changes to the mutual obligation requirements for JobSeeker.

06 October 2020

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