18 March 2019

King & Wood Mallesons promoted nearly 30 new partners and more than 20 new counsels, adding power to the development of the firm

On 4 February 2019, King & Wood Mallesons announced the promotion of nearly 30 new partners and more than 20 new counsels, and in addition, a new partner’s joining KWM Shenzhen office, which altogether form the brand new force of KWM making their debut in the New Year of 2019. The newlypromoted partners/counsels from offices of KWM China are a new generation of elites in various fields that have grown up after years of training and nurture. These more than 50 new partners/counsels will effectively consolidate the strength of KWM's teams of various practices, especially in the areas of practice under the “Belt & Road” initiative, asset securitization, Fintech, compliance and other areas to distinguish KWM’s leading competitiveness.

Zhang Yi,Chairman of KWM China Management Committee said, “Congratulations to all new partners and counsels! I believe this is the best gift you received from the firm in the 2019 Chinese New Year, and it is also the greatest present for KWM entrepreneurship in return. KWM always attaches importance to the talent development strategy and has been continuously cultivating and introducing outstanding legal professionals. The personal growth of each KWM staff member is the stable source of the firm's sustained development. Our new journey has been commenced, let us work together to write a new chapter of the future growth of KWM.”

Ms. Song Ke officially joined the KWM Shenzhen Office in February 2019. Ms. Song specializes in trust and asset management, asset securitization, private equity fund, corporate and M&A. Prior to joining KWM, Ms. Song served at a well-known law firm in China, and was one who first commenced and had contributed the most to practice in the RMB private equity investment fund, contractual fund establishment, filing, investment and exit, private fund manager registration, private fund service business registration and other services. Ms. Song has been comprehensively and systematically committed to the trust and asset management practice for nearly ten years. She has accumulated rich experience in the field of trust and asset management, and has been recognized across the industry. Ms. Song are experienced and widely recognized in corporate asset securitization, credit asset securitization, asset-backed notes offering and the China Credit Assets Registration & Exchange Co., Ltd. (“CCARE”) credit assets and the transfer of usufruct. In addition, Ms. Song has commenced her M&A practice since 2008 and also has been involved deeply in capital market transactions.

The newly promoted partners in 2019 consist of:

Corporate: Ye Yuxing (Beijing), Zhang Hanyu (Shanghai), Peng Fu (Shenzhen), Han Yun (Hangzhou), Guo Huan (Chengdu), Yu Yi (Chengdu)

Securities: Guo Liang (Beijing), Zhang Yanan (Beijing), Zhang Qian (Shanghai), Yao Lei (Shanghai), Yang Ru (Shenzhen), Nicole Ye (Guangzhou), Sun Zhiqin (Qingdao) 

Finance and Capital Market: Hu Jing (Beijing), Huang Xiaoxue (Beijing), Yu Leimin (Shanghai), Chen Fushen (Shanghai) 

Compliance: Zhang Ruohan (Beijing), Philip Liu (Shenzhen), Li Xin (Suzhou)

Dispute Resolution: Feng Hui (Beijing), Lv Mengdan (Beijing), Yang Ting (Beijing), Qi Yuan (Shenzhen), Zhang Mo (Shenzhen)

Intellectual Property: Niu Weiran (Beijing), Zhao Linlin (Beijing), Zhang Yirui (Shanghai)

The newly promoted counsels in 2019 consist of:

Corporate: Huang He (Beijing), Ren Xiaolei (Shanghai), Dai Haixia (Shanghai), Dong Yuting (Shanghai), Sun Xing (Shanghai), Xue Yingyuan (Shanghai) 

Securities: Erin Meng (Beijing), Zhang Ruoran (Beijing), Yang Zhenhua (Shanghai), Shen Na (Hangzhou) 

Finance and Capital Market: Shen Cheng (Beijing)

Compliance: Jessie Yu (Shanghai)

Dispute Resolution: Zhu Yuanyuan (Beijing), Song Jun (Beijing), Xu Beibei (Beijing), Xu Hailong (Beijing), Liu Xuanchi (Beijing), Zhu Jiayin (Shanghai), Joseph Chen (Shanghai) 

Intellectual Property: Zhang Jiaqi (Beijing), Song Xudong (Beijing), Zheng Hong (Guangzhou) 

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