09 December 2019

Chambers Asia-Pacific 2020 released: KWM recognised in 27 practice areas and 71 partners named as Leading Lawyer

On 5 December 2019, the world’s renowned legal directory Chambers and Partners (“Chambers”) released the Chambers Asia-Pacific 2020. Among the 27 recognised practice areas, King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) earned 21 Band 1 rankings, in particular, the practice of Projects & Infrastructure moving up to Band 1 for the first time. KWM struck a new record in Chambers Asia-Pacific Band 1 recognitions.

Amongst the 71 recognized KWM partners, 10 were named as Leading Lawyers above Band 1 and 14 from 14 practice areas as Band 1. This year, 15 additional partners from 8 practice areas were newly ranked.

KWM was ranked as a Band 1 Law Firm in the following 21 categories (same as the order in the list):

1. Aviation Finance

2. Banking & Finance

3. Capital Markets: China Domestic Issuances

4. Capital Markets: Hong Kong and Overseas Issuances

5. Capital Markets: Securitisation & Derivatives

6. Competition / Antitrust

7. Corporate Investigations / Anti-Corruption

8. Corporate / Commercial: East Coast: Guangdong

9. Corporate / Commercial: Western China: Sichuan

10. Corporate / M&A

11. Dispute Resolution

12. Employment

13. Energy & Natural Resources

14. Environment

15. Insurance

16. Intellectual Property: Litigation

17. Intellectual Property: Non-litigation

18. Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment

19. Projects & Infrastructure

20. Restructuring / Insolvency

21. Tax

In addition, KWM also achieved Band 2 ranking in International Trade / WTO (Respondent), Investment Funds and Real Estate; and Band 3 ranking in Corporate / Commercial: East Coast: Zhejiang, Healthcare and TMT.

Leading Lawyers (same as the order in the list): 

· Senior Statesman: Wang Fuxiang (Restructuring / Insolvency) 

· Eminent Practitioners: 

                                 Wang Ling (Banking & Finance)

                                 Yang Xiaolei (Capital Markets (Debt and Equity))

                                 Huang Tao (Dispute Resolution: Litigation, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration) 

                                 Ariel Ye (Dispute Resolution: Arbitration)

                                 Zhang Shouzhi (Dispute Resolution: Litigation, Dispute Resolution: Arbitration)

                                 Zhu Nongfan (Intellectual Property (Foreign Legal Consultant)

                                 Li Zhongsheng (Intellectual Property: Litigation)

                                 Tina Tai: (Intellectual Property: Non-litigation)

· Star Individual: Jiang Junlu (Employment) 

· Banking & Finance: Jack Wang (Band 1), Robert Chen, Lv Yinghao, Ma Feng, Allen Zhong and Stanley Zhou

· Capital Markets (Debt and Equity): Tang Lizi (Band 1), Gong Mulong, Su Zheng, Wang Lixin, Zhang Yongliang, Zhou Ning and Zhou Rui 

· Capital Markets (Securitisation & Derivatives): Fang Rong, Eddie Hu and Li Wenmin

· Competition / Antitrust: Susan Ning (Band 1) and Kate Peng 

· Corporate Investigations / Anti-Corruption: Harry Liu (Band 1), Chang Junfeng and Wu Wei 

· Corporate / Commercial: East Coast: Guangdong: Wang Lixin (Band 1), Feng Xiaopeng, Tao Zhangqi and Zhou Rui

· Corporate / Commercial: East Coast: Shandong: Li Ping, Zhang Ruji and Ren Zhanjiang

· Corporate / Commercial: Western China: Sichuan: Liu Rong 

· Corporate / M&A: Xu Ping (Band 1), Xiong Jin, Mo Haibo and Richard Nie

· Corporate / M&A: China-based (International Firms): Huang Ling 

· Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, International Firms): Jessica Fei 

· Dispute Resolution (Arbitration): Liu Yuwu (Band 1) 

· Dispute Resolution (Litigation): Liu Yuwu and Richard Yun

· Employment: Linda Liang, Lucy Lu and Yin Juquan 

· Energy & Natural Resources: Xiong Jin 

· Environment: Wu Qing (Brand 1) 

· Healthcare: Mark Zhang 

· Insurance: Yuan Min (Brand 1) 

· Intellectual Property (Litigation): Mia Qu, Shi Yusheng and Xu Jing 

· Intellectual Property (Non-litigation): Chen Wenping and Yang Xiaoli 

· International Trade / WTO (Respondent): Xiao Jin (Band 1) and Liu Cheng 

· Investment Funds: Alan Du and Gong Mulong 

· Private Client / Wealth Management: Steven Wang (Band 1) 

· Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment: Gong Mulong and Zhang Yi

· Projects & Infrastructure: Tian Wenjing (Band 1) 

· Real Estate: Harry Du (Band 1) and Kathy Fan

· Restructuring / Insolvency: Daryl Hao, Liu Yanling and Zhao Kuncheng

· Shipping: Northern China: Edward Ma 

· Tax: Tony Dong (Band 1), Bill Ye and Daisy Duan

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