03 April 2020

KWM China shapes regional development landscape with lateral hiring – the addition of 11 new partners and 7 counsels

King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) welcomed 11 new partners as well as 7 counsels (including 2 senior counsels) with open arms. They have ushered in a new force into KWM offices in Beijing, Haikou, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Suzhou with their profound hands-on experience in their respective areas of practice as a result of years of legal services. With their great influence and wide recognition across KWM China’s regional markets, these elites will help cement KWM’s leading position in the regional markets in such areas as cybersecurity, data compliance, dispute resolution, corporate and securities. 

Ms. Wang Ling, the managing partner of KWM said: “Welcome new partners and counsels on board! Based on our clients-centered idea, introducing more talents is to strengthen the teams and interpersonal resources across our regional offices, offering a wider range of services for our clients. The joining of these elites, especially the 9 partners and several counsels in the east China offices, is going to further strengthen our legal services in the eastern region. Meanwhile, supported by KWM’s overall platform, they will give full play to their advantages and provide clients with more value added services.”

Partner Joining Haikou Office

Ms. Du Yu specializes in corporate and dispute resolution. Due to her in-depth engagement in the legal services market in Hainan province, she is adept at market development and has accumulated extensive client resources. Ms. Du has particular expertise in corporate, real estate construction, tax-related disputes, land tenure disputes, and foreign investment related legal matters. Prior to joining KWM, Ms. Du was the director of the management committee and the chief associate, of the Haikou office of a Beijing-based law firm. 
Partner Joining Beijing Office

Mr. Jiang Ke specializes in regulatory compliance in the fields of technology, telecommunications, cybersecurity and data compliance. He left KWM after working here for 10 years. Before coming back to KWM, he was an in-house counsel to provide legal support for the operation and product compliance of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in China as well as BMW China’s digitization and cybersecurity projects. Having expertise in providing compliance consulting services for various technology, automobile, cloud services industries and internet companies, Mr. Jiang is capable of combining the state-of-the-art corporate regulation with network and information technology. Mr. Jiang provides innovative and integrated solutions in major and complex deals, receiving wide recognition from clients.

Partner Joining Shanghai Office

Mr. Shan Yingzhi specializes in securities and private equity financing, particularly in domestic and overseas reorganization and listing, venture capital and private equity investment, M&A, and bond issuance, etc. Mr. Shan is adept at identifying the key issues in complex transactions and finding the appropriate solutions for clients from different perspectives of clients and intermediaries by combining different practices of law and business. Mr. Shan was a partner at the Shanghai office of a Beijing-based law firm before joining KWM. 

Three Partners Joining Nanjing Office

Mr. Chen Bin specializes in tax and is a leading figure in the field of fiscal and tax law in Jiangsu province. With more than 20 years of practice experience, he has advised on a good number of projects, including capital market deals, M&A transactions, asset reorganization, and tax planning. He has also dealt with numerous tax-involved pleadings, hearings, reconsiderations, administrative litigation, and criminal defense cases. Prior to joining KWM, Mr. Chen served as a senior partner at the Nanjing office of a Beijing-based law firm. 

Ms. Wu Ling specializes in civil and commercial dispute resolution, especially in solving various kinds of civil and commercial litigation and arbitration involving finance, corporate mergers and acquisitions, real estate and construction projects. Thanks to her rich practical experience, Ms. Wu has provided professional and efficient legal services for clients. She is highly trusted and recognized by her clients for her innovative and constructive solutions. Ms. Wu served as a partner at the Nanjing office of a Beijing-based law firm before joining KWM.

Mr. Zhou Hao specializes in securities and has rich experience in domestic and overseas listings of companies, M&A and restructuring, private equity investment, commercial investment, etc. He has advised on numerous projects concerning IPOs, bond issuance, and financing, receiving wide acclaim for his down-to-earth, professional services and innovative views. He served as a partner at the Nanjing office of a Beijing-based law firm before joining KWM.

Five Partners Joining Suzhou Office

Mr. Gu Haixiao specializes in dispute resolution and litigation. Mr. Gu mainly engages in civil and commercial cases and non-litigation cases, especially in construction engineering, real estate contract disputes, company establishment, merger, equity transfer and other legal issues closely related to the company law. Mr. Gu was a senior partner of a law firm in Jiangsu province before joining KWM. 

Mr. Wang Yugao specializes in IP litigation, particularly in the areas of trademark, unfair competition, and copyright, etc. Having been practicing for nearly 26 years, he has led a large number of IP dispute cases involving trademark and unfair competition infringement disputes, copyright infringement disputes, corporate disputes, and contract disputes of various kinds. Mr. Wang is widely recognized by the legal practice community and clients at home and abroad for his profound expertise. He served as a senior partner at a law firm in Jiangsu before joining the firm. 

Mr. Ma Jie specializes in dispute resolution. He is familiar with non-litigation matters related to finance and securities and skilled at solving complex commercial disputes in both litigation and non-litigation cases. Mr. Ma has led a good number of challenging, high-value dispute resolution cases. Prior to joining KWM, Mr. Ma was a senior partner at a law firm in Jiangsu province.

Mr. Xu Xiangdong specializes in dispute resolution, especially in the fields of finance and commercial litigation. Mr. Xu has led many high quality cases, including the disposal of non-performing assets worth billions of RMB, and commercial cases with complex legal relationships, successfully saving huge losses for his clients, and gaining high recognition from clients. Prior to joining KWM, he was a senior partner at a law firm in Jiangsu. 

Mr. Ji Haibing specializes in dispute resolution and litigation. He has rich theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in areas such as finance, construction projects, real-estate projects, and commercial disputes resolution. Mr. Ji has long served many renowned listed real estate companies, property management companies, hotel groups and insurance companies. Prior to joining KWM, he was a senior partner at a law firm in Jiangsu.

Two Senior Counsels Joining the Firm

Mr. Shan Feng specializes in disputes resolution. He has extensive experience in providing legal services in disputes resolution especially in finance, real estate, and construction projects. In addition, he is adept at advising the government, middle and large-sized enterprises, assisting clients in complex commercial disputes, and offering his unique views on risk predication and risk management. Prior to joining KWM, Mr. Shan was a partner at the Nanjing office of a Beijing-based law firm.

Mr. Feng Chuan specializes in securities, private fund investment, M&A, etc. With his in-depth engagement in Jiangsu legal services market, he has accumulated rich practical experience. Besides, he has been engaged in the academic research on investment (comparative studies on laws of direct investment in China and the U.S.) and legal services for over a decade. Prior to joining KWM, Mr. Feng was a partner at the Nanjing office of a Beijing-based law firm.

Counsels Joining the Firm: 

Corporate Group: Piao Wenxiang (Beijing office)

Securities Group: Tang Tian (Nanjing office), Cao Shengxin (Haikou office)

Disputes Resolution Group: Kang Zhen (Beijing office)

Intellectual Property Group: Cissy Zhou (Shanghai office) 

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