Fraud - China

Working for you: twenty specialist fraud investigation lawyers

We have over twenty partners and professional attorneys advising on fraud investigation and related issues.  They can help you to deal with misrepresentation, insider trading, fraudulent listings, rat trading, rigging the market and other securities violation behaviour.

We have successfully advised on crisis management, administrative, criminal and civil litigation cases related to securities violation and securities tort. We have particular expertise in insider trading and securities misrepresentation cases. And we have accumulated a wealth of experience in a range of financial fraud cases, establishing a formidable reputation in this area of practice.

As our client you would not just be working with a law firm that excels in legal practice; we also attach importance to leading the thinking on securities violation and securities litigation. We regularly release legal updates on securities fraud and investigations and publish books and articles on both the theory and practice.

Our teams regularly advise listed companies, fund companies, security companies, accounting law firms, institutional investors and individual investors on all aspects of fraud law, including:

  • Analysis, advice and strategic planning for clients facing securities violation crisis
  • Consultation and defending our clients under securities violation administrative investigation
  • Court representation for clients facing administrative punishment, both representing clients in relation to administrative review and/or administrative litigation
  • Consultation and criminal defence for clients implicated in securities crime
  • Representing financial institutions in relation to civil compensation litigation
  • Reviewing compliance of information disclosure.

We have a full team specialising in this area.

Discover our latest insights into legal issues affecting your business

Parties doing business with foreign States should think carefully about the doctrine of state immunity.

15 September 2016

In case a cross-border fraud arises then it is of absolute priority to secure the funds and then implement a strategy aimed at their recovery.

17 March 2016

Recent cases of hacking have put cyber-security concerns into the headlines and the minds of directors, their customers and, importantly, regulators.

14 January 2016

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