Indirect Taxation - China

We provide you with expert legal advice on indirect tax

China is currently undergoing a major tax reform with business tax gradually being replaced by value-added tax (VAT). This significantly impacts taxpayers across a broad range of industries. It affects cash flow, tax liabilities and compliance processes. 

Our lawyers provide you with in-depth advice on cross-border supplies of goods and services and on all forms of finance, intellectual property and real estate transactions. We help with challenging matters of indirect tax law affecting VAT export refunds and VAT exemption applications. We also advise on the criminal offences of VAT invoice fraud and VAT refund fraud.

In fact, there is no aspect of VAT in China that we have not advised on. We offer Chinese and international taxpayers in a broad range of industries legal advice on indirect taxation that includes:

  • Structuring cross-border trading and services transactions to achieve tax efficiency for both VAT and customs duty
  • VAT and customs issues to identify compliance risks
  • VAT export refunds
  • VAT exemption treatment for eligible transactions
  • VAT issues on finance leasing versus operational leasing
  • VAT invoice issues and VAT invoice fraud investigations.

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