27 April 2020

Cutting through the red tape in Hong Kong

There has been an increase in regulation and the potential for intervention in business over the past decade. This has in part been reflective of worldwide trends (such as the development of data protection and cyber regulation as the use of information technology becomes potentially more insidious). In other areas (such as the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre) it has been born from a desire to provide procedures to cope in the event of a repeat of mass consumer concerns over miss-selling of financial products.

Our teams at KWM are experienced in handling these regulations. In this compendium we give a nutshell guide to eight areas of regulation. For those running or advising businesses in Hong Kong, we hope and expect that you will find a number of items of interest.

The eight areas of regulation featured in this publication are:

  • Personal data complaints
  • Cyber notification
  • Dealing with Financial Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Product recalls
  • Food & beverage licensing
  • Broadcast & telecommunications licensing
  • Pharmaceutical products and medical device licensing
  • Public performance licensing

This publication has been written by Peter Bullock, Francois Tung, Caroline Wong, Matthew Lee and Jenny Yu of King & Wood Mallesons Hong Kong office.

Any reference to “Hong Kong” or “Hong Kong SAR” shall be construed as a reference to “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”.

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