Companies now face increasing labor management risks triggered by differing and tightened labor regulations and laws. In recent years, many companies have suffered damages to their brands, even severe damages to their performance for reasons connected to labor and employment compliance. The necessity of adjusting corporate labor practices to current standards has become increasingly prominent.

Proper handling of labor issues requires not only a thorough understanding of relevant laws and regulations, but also tracking the tendency of judgments that may appear as legal precedent. Different companies face different labor management issues. Doctrinarism is not conducive to solving practical problems.

Based on our rich experience in labor law, consulting and labor dispute resolution, we provide practical and effective legal support for the following types of labor and human resources issues:

  • Revocation of possible employment and dissolution of formal employment within the trial period
  • Responding to the issue of declining compensation and benefits brought by changes in employment rules
  • Post transfer (transfer of jobs, secondment, change of labor relations)
  • Selecting methods and procedures for punishing violations of corporate order
  • Responding to sexual harassment and power harassment
  • Layoffs (voluntary separation programs, economic layoffs)
  • Responding to employees’ requests for payment of wage arrears
  • Suspension and re-entry of workers with mental health problems
  • Dealing with work safety accidents
  • Dismissing or not renewing contracts with incompetent workers
  • Confidentiality obligations and non-compete after leaving a job
  • Responding to rectification requirements and administrative guidance by the labor standards office
  • Unification of working conditions after acquisition and restructuring of companies
  • Management of intellectual property such as service inventions
  • Advice on the introduction of incentives such as stocks and stock options
  • Dealing with collective bargaining by trade unions

Labor due diligence in M & A and IPO

A successful corporate acquisition requires an accurate analysis of the labor-capital relationship of the target company, identifying existing problems and potential risks. With extensive experience in labor law, we provide reasonable solutions for problems that have already emerged, make appropriate assessments of risks, and help companies complete acquisitions successfully.

Labor dispute resolution

We have a team of lawyers who have participated in solving many labor law cases, some of which were selected as standard or model cases in textbooks on labor law. We respond quickly to labor disputes and provide effective, comprehensive solutions to difficult problems.

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