Indirect Taxation

Indirect Taxation

We‘ll help you stay one step ahead

Being subject to political and jurisdictional-based nuances, indirect tax regimes are constantly morphing. These changes impact taxpayers in a broad range of industries in terms of their cash flow, tax liabilities and compliance complexities

To help you plan for these changes, accurately forecast business expenses, prevent double taxation and avoid tax audits, we offer full-service indirect tax advisory expertise.

This is packaged with dispute resolution capability, allowing you respond quickly and minimise your risk of exposure to additional interest, penalties and charges, and litigation.

Our indirect tax law expertise covers:

  • Indirect taxation on all kinds of transaction, including cross-border supply of goods and services
  • Value-added Tax (VAT)
  • Business Tax
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • Stamp duty
  • Customs taxation
  • Structuring to avoid double taxation and to minimise tax exposure
  • Indirect taxation export refunds
  • Indirect taxation exemption applications
  • Indirect taxation invoice fraud and refund fraud
  • Real property related taxation.
"A combination of strong commercial logic applied to complex issues, whilst ensuring the legal position is well covered."


We have a full team specialising in this area.