15 February 2016

Don't panic: a guide to steering your scheme through M&A activity

Pensions Insight

Wyn Derbyshire, London Head of Pensions, is quoted extensively in an article by Pensions Insight discussing the threat of corporate M&A activity for pension scheme trustees.

Wyn explains that trustees should get involved early on in the process; to ask the right questions and get appropriate advice. 

He said: “As soon as trustees are aware of a potential transaction, they should be asking searching questions of the purchaser and the seller. They should be seeing how the transaction affects the ability of the employer and the group behind it to support the pension. They should be seeing how the transaction affects the ability of the employer”

Commenting on the right time to involve the Pensions Regulator, Wyn adds: “If they think there is a reasonable risk in the medium- to long-term of the employer failing to meet its obligations, then it is their job as a trustee to try and prevent that… In fact, there are problems with not writing to the regulator.”

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