RMB: a new dawn for global currency
12 June 2015

RMB: a new dawn for global currency

The future is here...

The internationalisation of China’s currency and its path to full convertibility are having a profound impact on the world’s financial markets, reshaping established trading and investment patterns and radically altering the global financial system.

Driven by China’s economic policy and propelled by growing global trade and investment flows, the RMB is becoming the dominant force in the world’s financial markets. 

In this edition of AQ, we take stock of the key developments and draw upon the insights of our partners around the globe to shine a spotlight on what we can expect next, and the implications for business.

Please contact any of our partners across our global network if you have any questions about the contents of this guide or any other aspect of the RMB wave.

Here is a link to our 10 predictions for the future of the RMB.

Key contacts

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