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60-second CFIUS: CFIUS seeks termination of a US-China joint venture

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

The Queen Mary Survey: Our Crystal Ball into the Future

Our predictions following the four key findings arising out of the 2018 International Arbitration Survey by Queen Mary University, London.

19 November 2018

Technology Meets Dispute Resolution on the Belt and Road

Distributed Ledger Technology is changing the way business is done and will impact dispute resolution.

19 November 2018

Domo Arbitrato, Mr Roboto: where and under what rules will we be arbitrating commercial arbitration claims in 2028

Blockchain technology will create new disputes and create new methods of dispute resolution designed for a delocalised world.

19 November 2018

Chinese Companies Cannot Ignore US Sanctions

This extraordinary measure reflects the broad use of sanctions by the current US Administration.

27 September 2018

U.S. Senate and House Pass Bill to Enhance CFIUS’s Power

On August 1, 2018, the U.S. Senate passed the FIRRMA of 2018 as part of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act.

14 August 2018

How to Remove a Company from the EAR Controlled Entity List

The Bureau of Industry and Security issued a rule amending EAR by adding forty-four Chinese entities to the Entity List.

09 August 2018

Establishing Medical Facilities in China: Redleaf Case Study

Government supervision of medical institutions has become increasingly stringent.

12 September 2017

Case Report: Murphy Exploration & Production Company-International v The Republic of Ecuador, May 16

Tribunal rules on Ecuador windfall tax; recognising State's power to respond to significant fluctuations in the oil market (within limits).

15 September 2016

"No injury" case rejected by Supreme Court - Class actions in the US

US Courts have interpreted Article III of the US Constitution as imposing a requirement that plaintiffs must demonstrate that they have suffered an “injury-in-fact”.

26 August 2016

Third party funding - Obligation to disclose in arbitration proceedings?

Global dispute resolution has seen a dramatic rise in the past decade in the involvement of third party funders. The rise has coincided in common law jurisdictions with...

16 October 2015

Conflict of laws and solutions in One Belt One Road

This article will analyze the potential conflict of laws and how it has been resolved in the building of One Belt One Road.

03 August 2015

Singapore Slings: The new cocktail of dispute resolution procedures in Singapore

The launch of the Singapore International Commercial Court cemented Singapore as a prime destination for resolving international commercial disputes.

21 May 2015

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