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The future of custody

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Committed Settlement in Hong Kong and Australia

This thought piece looks at whether Digital Asset’s implementation of Committed Settlement would work under the legal framework of Hong Kong and Australia.

22 July 2019

FATF releases 2019 guidance on virtual assets: 9 key points and global changes

In this piece, we unfold the 9 key points of FATF's latest guidance on virtual assets.

18 July 2019

Future of Data: Fake news – has the train left the station?

We explore the area of fake news allegations with related European legislations, a case study from Asia, and our view for Hong Kong’s way forward.

12 July 2019




Future-proof investment: A legal guide to ESG and creating sustainable financial products

This publication discusses how environmental, social and governance factors help to develop sustainable financial products.

22 May 2019

China's NPL and ABS Markets: A Guide to Foreign Investors and Financiers – Part II

This article provides foreign investors and financiers with insights on China’s asset-backed securities market.

18 April 2019